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A user of the University Hospital attacks a warden with the stick of a mop

The staff of the University Hospital does not win to scare patients and their companions who come to it. If two weeks ago it was a security guard who was beaten by several relatives of a wounded child this Wednesday has been a warder who has suffered, allegedly, the onslaught of a user armed with the stick of a mop from beststeammopreviewspro.com.

According to the Ingesa explained through a statement “the incident occurred on Tuesday when a woman, who was at the desk of External Consultations, was altered to the point of assaulting an employee of the hospital with the stick of a mop that he removed from the cleaning cart, which was in that area right then and there. ”

“Then security was warned and a vigilante immediately arrived,” continues the report of the Health Administration, according to which “up to three security guards who came to communicate the alarm came to witness the unfortunate incident.” “Despite the presence of the security members, the alleged aggressor continued insulting and threatening the warden”, lamented the Ingesa.

Following the hospital’s security protocol, the police were also notified, who took the data from the person who apparently was responsible for altering the normality of the service in the health center.

The worker of the allegedly assaulted Hospital, who suffered an anxiety attack, filed a complaint on the same afternoon on the occasion of the events reported against the woman who allegedly assaulted, insulted and threatened her for no reason.

The Ingesa has “rejected” and “profoundly regretted” the succession of this type of antisocial behavior, so it has provided legal assistance to the affected in the quick trial that should have been held during the morning of this Thursday, since “finally has suspended until new date “.

Water saving devices for Hospitals and Clinics

High Technology Solutions

The technology currently provided by brands of recognized worldwide prestige in taps, allow a significant saving of water. The creation of new devices, tools of ecological saving, allows us to offer appropriate solutions to your company, in two options or investment levels of your choice. The first, with more initial cost, produces a more radical reduction in consumption, with a slightly slower amortization, but not more than a year. The second level, with a very low investment cost, achieves fast amortization, which does not exceed the term of a water bill, achieving a radical cut in consumption, from 50% to 80% on average, without loss of comfort on the part of the users. This second possibility is also combinable or cumulative with the first. Let’s see in detail the two options:

1) New concepts in Faucets

Timed Faucets

The emission of liters per minute is a factor of great importance, although it generally goes unnoticed. For example, a normal basin tap in a room or bathroom, delivering 15 to 20 liters per minute, which is a lot of drinking water that escapes down the drain. Normally each person uses the sink faucet for 5 to 7 minutes a day, taking into account that some residents tend to leave the tap open after using it, either due to physical problems or due to carelessness, which considerably increases water consumption, even more, if the tap remains open throughout the night.

The timed taps , use a button for activation, we have faucets with soft touch for greater or convalescent people. After a few seconds the tap closes automatically. They have a lever or side lever for mixing hot and cold water. There are also models with the mixture in the same button, and timed taps of a water for public areas where hot water is not required, of lower cost.

Savings Comparison:

Take, for example, the Presto PS ECO 3000 mixer tap ref.10534, with automatic closing at 10 seconds, only 0.33 lit. for each press, assuming 2 presses for each use, only consumes 0.66 lt. of water, a little more than 1/2 liter, delivered at a rate of 2 lit / minuteregardless of the pressure, against a normal tap, which open for 1 minute, spends 15 to 20 liters of water. Beyond this abysmal difference of consumption, in addition, it avoids that the taps remain open, earning in addition, in Hygiene when not having to touch the tap again after washing hands. These products achieve a 90% savingin the consumption of water. We offer a great variety of timed taps that can be viewed on our website at: Products – Companies – Temporized taps. We have very good prices for the sector, with significant discounts on List prices and Special Offers by quantity.

Thermostatic faucets

The best shower head is a factor to take into account, because a normal shower delivers 1050 liters per hour at a normal pressure, which means about 18 to 22 liters per minute according to the pressure of the establishment. For residencies of elderly people and clinics, we do not suggest the use of timed showers because they would cause more discomfort than comfort, but the new thermostatic taps, they represent a solution.

Two advantages of savings and comfort:

1) Automatic regulation of the temperature : The bath becomes a comfortable moment, without burns or chills, when the temperature is automatically regulated to the desired level, with a safety stop at 38ºC to avoid burns. The device regulates the water temperature precisely and quickly, avoiding waste until reaching the correct temperature. The temperature is maintained throughout the bath or shower, without variations.

2) Ecological Savings Function: The models we offer deliver a reduced flow at 10 liters per minute, half the flow delivered by a normal shower faucet. The reduced flow function can be activated or deactivated by means of a button on the opening control.

We offer a wide variety of Thermostatic Shower Faucets and Combination Shower / Bath Faucets, from the best Brands: Hansgrohe, Grohe, Ramón Soler and Tres Faucets, at prices with significant discounts for the sector. The surface models, in plain sight, are easily changed by the old shower mixer tap. We also have a wide variety of built-in thermostats, in new works or bathroom renovations with the current decorative trends. You can view the news and promotions in: Products – Companies – Thermostatic faucets, on our website.

Electronic Faucets and Timed Pedals

For the Kitchen area, we have high quality Presto mixer pedals and Electronic Faucets, both of which are recommended to avoid contagion of viruses and harmful bacteria. You can see the news in: Products – Companies – Temporized Faucets – Pedals, and Electronic Faucets, on our website.

These High Technology solutions backed by more than 100 years of history of the prestigious brands that we distribute, ensure a reduction of water and energy consumption to levels well over 50% , with a short-medium term amortization of the devices, a next and important economic benefit insured by the reduction of expenses caused by consumption bills, plus an ecological control on the use of fresh drinking water that implies a considerable reduction in the use of hot water and the heat source used, Gas, Electricity, or Solar Energy.


There is a queue to enter the hospital dining room. While I wait, a stretcher crosses the corridor carrying a man, with whom he talks about soccer. The wait lasts about three minutes, in which I see pass waiters and waitresses dressed in black, taking to the tables dishes that not only look great, but also smell very, very well even before entering. It is not a science fiction film or the utopia of any companion of a sick relative: it is a real restaurant, it is called Papila and it is in the Delfos hospital in Barcelona.

Behind this marvel are Carmen Martí -with training in hospitality- and her sister Alejandra, lawyer. Two restless spirits who were already at the forefront of projects such as Santa Tecla -a multifunctional space that serves to make presentations, sales for a specific period of time and many other things- and, for three months, also from Papila. The restaurant with  vendor relationship management software that breaks the schemes of the hospital cafeterias began to take shape when, in March 2016, the person who took the dining room of the Delfos HospitalHe retired and they offered to manage the space, which had its own kitchen and everything necessary to prepare food with all the letters. “And that’s when we decided to go against the world and prepare ourselves not only the menu, but also the potato and onion tortillas or the sandwiches we offer throughout the day, as well as several of the desserts,” says Carmen, most visible face of the project (and its head of room).

In addition to the dining room there is a take-away area where at any time between 8 in the morning and 22 you can eat a vegetable sandwich – “we also make them, and here they go flying,” says Carmen-, the sandwiches and the tortilla Above mentioned, a creamy cheese cake with biscuit base (yes, yes, homemade), yogurt and different snacks. “This is what you can eat all day, but as at night there is a lot of demand, we will start offering dinner service, in menu format and also on demand”.

Now you will be asking the million dollar question, how can it be that no concessions go into caterings with well precooked and fifth chuchurresca range flavored with absolutely nothing in this equation? “This is possible because this is a hospital fifty years ago and independent capital, the few that has not been absorbed by any large health group, which gives absolute freedom and ability to make their own decisions,” reflects Marti.

If someone thinks that this translates into exorbitant prices, make a mistake: the menu costs 10.50 with some optional extras: three euros for a fresh bream or a steak – “we put them last week and we had to leave them because they ask us to mucho “, chiva Martí- and two for the most elaborate homemade desserts. A tortilla of potatoes-really-with bread costs four, a price very similar, if not lower, than what you would pay in the same circumstances for a mazacote with the taste and texture of the porexpan if it was provided by a catering company.

As soon as I discovered the existence of this rare avis of good food in a medical center, I could not help but think of David Monaguillo , chef, disseminator and gastronomic consultant who lived in the first person the miseries of the darkest side of it. A fact that denounced with humor from the twitter account HospEATal , and that led me to inform him of the existence of Papila. “The first reaction to discovering it was one of disbelief” confesses Monaguillo recovering from the shock. “Little by little, a certain sense of liberation was coming, for the people who can access this service, I hope the case will be founded and each one will be less, those who have carte blanche to traffic with the miseries of the people.”

It is not a coincidence that the pre-cooked meals and the buffet are the order of the day in these cases: managing a hospital restaurant is very different from doing it on the street, and Carmen says she is learning a lot from this experience. “You have to have a lot of psychology, both with the companions and with the doctors: the people come with haste and quite stressed, and at the time of the food all at the same time. You have to be quick, decisive and have a lot of empathy and a left hand when you have to propose someone, for example, if you do not mind sharing a table with another person because everything is full. ” The Martí sisters do not rule out using everything they have learned in similar future projects, “but when Papila is more filmed, it is still a very young project and we surely have many things to improve”, they reflect.

Of course, having this marvel at hand the black goat is flying, and there are few who ask for food to take and two in two, we assume that to share it with their families, patients with non-restrictive diets. “On Christmas Day an entire family came to eat to keep company with someone who was hospitalized. Things like this give a lot of sense to the project, “Carmen tells us smiling, while ensuring that by sharing the day to day with the caregivers in the dining room links are created. “The caregiver is the great forgotten, and we want to be the ones who take care of him and make sure he does not get sick.”

“The menu is designed based on seasonal products, and thinking about the entire spectrum of tastes. We also thought it important to differentiate the food of the patients from that of the relatives, who are not sick. Turn the moment of the meal into a quiet experience and that you can enjoy, to which you want to bring a companion to chat and have a pleasant moment. ” The interior design is also directly focused on this: the light is warm, as the color of the walls, the chairs are comfortable and there is a television, a sofa and some armchairs in the corner, accompanied by a low table that invites you to take quietly a coffee or some appetizer olives. “All the tables and auxiliary furniture are modular, and allow us to transform the space according to the needs of our customers,

At this point, I suppose you have already asked yourself if managing the restaurant so the numbers come out. The answer is a resounding “yes”: by very majas and aware of the needs of the caretakers who are the Marti sisters are not an NGO, and Carmen says that “it is only a matter of optimizing resources, offering a good service and not taking advantage of having a captive client. “” You just have to choose your priorities, and decide how you want to do things. ” Little more to add, except that I hope there are more people who think about caring for those who care. Because, at a given moment, caregivers can be everyone.


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Drink Reliable Water During Cancer Treatment

During and immediately after treatment for cancer, your body may not be able to protect itself against infections. Water may contain tiny germs, even when it appears to be clean. You should be careful with the provenance of the water. This includes water for taking, cooking and brushing your teeth. Ask your health care provider about the special care you should have.

Running water

The running water is the one that comes out of the tap. It must be safe when it comes from:

  • A city water supply.
  • A city well that supplies Water Filtration to many people.

If you live in a small town or village, check with your local water authority. Ask if they analyze water daily for microbes that can cause an infection, some of these microbes are called coliforms.

Well water

Boil water from a private well or small community well before drinking or using it to cook or brush your teeth.

The fact of passing well water through a filter or adding chlorine does not make it suitable for consumption. Analyze well water once a year for coliform microbes that can cause infection. Analyze the water more often if you find these microbes in it or if there is any doubt about the reliability of the water.

To boil and store water:

  • Heat the water until it begins to boil.
  • Let it boil for at least 1 minute.
  • After boiling, store in refrigerator in a clean, covered container.
  • Consume all this water in 3 days (72 hours). If you do not use it at this time, pour it by drainage or use it to water the plants or the garden.

Bottled water

The label of any bottled water you take should tell how it was purified. Search for these words:

  • Filtration by reverse osmosis
  • Distillation or distillation

Water filters

Running or tap water must be reliable if it comes from a city water supply or a city well that provides water to many people. It is not necessary to filter it.

You should boil water from a private well or a small local well, even if you have a filter.

Many pool filters, refrigerator filters, filter jugs and filters that you can carry for camping trips do not eliminate microbes.

If you have a home system to filter water (such as a filter under the sink), replace the filter with the frequency recommended by the manufacturer.

Top 5: Movies to Watch About HIV / AIDS

Today is World AIDS Day, which aims to raise awareness, remind those who have died and celebrate the progress that has been made, such as access to prevention and treatment services. That is why we share with you this top 5 of putlocker films on Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

1.- Dallas Buyers Club (The Club of the Evicted)

It is based on the true story of the life of Ron Woodroof, a junkie and homophobe who loves women, who in 1986 was diagnosed with HIV throughout his body and was only thirty days old.
The protagonist began taking a drug called as AZT, the only legal drug available in the US , which brought him to the brink of death. To survive, he began to detox, taking antiviral medications from around the world, but it is still illegal for US patients . Other AIDS patients sought their medications by giving up hospitals, doctors and AZT.
With the help of her Dr. Eva Saks and another patient, Rayon, Ron created the Dallas Buyers Club, The first of the dozens that formed around the city, providing its members with pay for these alternative drugs. The Clubs were growing, in numbers and customers, catching the attention of FDA companies and pharmaceutical companies, which campaigned against Ron.(Screenplay)

Curious Fact: Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto won the Oscar for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor respectively, thanks to their roles in this film.

Where can you see it? You can find it on Netflix and putlockers movies.

2.- Philadelphia (Philadelphia)

Andrew Beckett is a young lawyer working for one of Philadelphia’s most prestigious law firms. The firm decides to leave him the most important case of his career, so he makes a great report with which he can win the trial. Everything is complicated when they call him warning that the report has disappeared, and that they will not arrive in time for the case. Fortunately, they find a backup and the signature manages to win the trial.
The bosses decide to fire Andrew for his incompetence, but he discovers that the real reason has been that they have discovered that he has AIDS. Andrew goes to Joseph Miller, another lawyer who is surprised by the ghostly appearance of his client, who begins to suffer the consequences of the disease. Andrew is willing to sue his former bosses, But Joseph is reluctant to take his case.
After accepting Andrew as a client, begins a tough litigation in which the continuous obstacles that put the lawyers of the previous work of Andrew complicate that they can win. Andrew agonizes and has to abandon the case, but Joseph promises that he will reach the end to bring to light the discrimination and homophobia that led to his dismissal. (Screenplay)

Curious Fact: Tom Hanks won the Oscar for Best Actor for his role as Andrew Beckett in 1994.

Where can you see it? You can find it on Netflix.

3.- Rent (Extreme Lives)

Mark and Roger are two friends who share an apartment in New York. Mark, cameraman, constantly films everything he finds around him, while Roger, AIDS sufferer, dreams of writing one last song before he dies.
Her encounter with Mimi, a young HIV-positive drug addict, is going to change her life. Knowing condemned, the two lovers will experience a love as intense as ephemeral. (Screenplay)

Curious Fact: The film is based on the hit Broadway musical Tony Award-winning. The libretto received a Pulitzer Prize in 1996.

Where can you see it? You can rent it on putlocker movies for 25 pesos.

4.- The Cure (The Power of Friendship)

Erik, a thirteen-year-old boy, and his mother move to a new home in Minnesota. The boy feels like a fish out of the water and has difficulty finding friends, until he meets Dexter, a smaller boy who lives in the house next door. Erik and Dexter get along very well, but one day Erik’s mother forbids him to approach his friend because he learns that a few years ago he contracted AIDS because of negligence in a blood transfusion. (FILMAFFINITY)

Curious Fact: Actor Joseph Mazello, one of the protagonists of the film, has appeared in such films as Jurassic Park and The Social Network, and TV series such as The Pacific and Elementary .

Where can you see it? You can watch it for free on Movie4k.

5.- The Normal Heart (A Normal Heart)

After seeing a friend fall victim to a new disease that is killing the lives of dozens of homosexual men, Ned Weeks proposes to create more measures to combat and try to eradicate the cause. Despite the abruptness of his methods to involve his family and friends with the cause, he will make himself heard in American society. (Screenplay)

Curious Data: Openly gay actor Matt Bomer received a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Television Movie. The film also won two Emmy Awards for Best TV Movie and Best Makeup for Miniseries or Film, and Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Joe Mantello, Jim Parsons, Julia Roberts and Ryan Murphy were nominated for such awards.

Cost accounting in health institutions. Costs and health companies

The products offered by health companies have some peculiarities: they are intangible, they can not be manufactured in series, they are generally not homogeneous, etc., such characteristics make it difficult to calculate costs.

On the other hand, we must recognize that in our environment for many years health care institutions have not given much importance to the calculation of the costs of their services.

Once the crisis has whipped them mercilessly they were forced to review all their procedures, both technical and administrative, to try to become sustainable or at least begin to move towards it. After checking that the variable Income was not the easiest to manage, they focused their attention on costs and perceived that there was not much information, but that it was very general and not very precise.

But the issue is that both the information system and bookkeeping Brisbane are not elements that can be modified overnight to get what is necessary to manage a company, then began to analyze the situation.

Thus, in previous work we have emphasized the following regarding the current situation regarding the cost systems, information systems and decision making in health companies, namely:

  • Cost systems used:

– Costs are calculated using the process cost system or cascade cost distribution.
– It is applied in an off-balance sheet form since the chart of accounts developed by the MSP is not adapted for cost accounting.
– Among the different companies cost centers are not exactly the same, some have more detailed information and others more general (for example some have the hospital service and others have three hospitalizations, room, ICU, ICU)

  • Information system and reliability of the same

– The computer systems were not designed with the purpose of obtaining costs but general information of expenses. Each management system should give an expense information by cost center, instead it is given in another format. For example, salary systems report spending by staff and concept (base salary, seniority, overtime, etc.) and not spending by each cost center.
– Lack of information, for example to adopt indirect cost distribution criteria.
– The information is not previously controlled.
– And, perhaps something very important, there is no cost culture among the officials who are the ones who often generate or collect the cost data. If people do not know what the company wants, it is difficult to make any effort.

  • Decision making

In the works mentioned above we expressed the following words:

“… At the time of decision making, the information that arises from cost systems is taken into account in generic form and not as a basis, due to all the aforementioned shortcomings.

Most institutions, when they need to know the cost of a department or an activity for a certain reason, carry out a specific study of costs without taking into account, often, the information provided by cost systems … ”

Terrible diagnosis, at least for accountants, we are accustomed to read a lot about cost systems, costing methods, cost classifications, etc.

Before proceeding, it is necessary to review in brief lines the process for the production of the products / services of health companies.

Health as a process of care production

Its concept:

Recently the concept of referring to health service providers as “producing” entities of health services has been imposed, that is, health care is understood as a care process in which these entities produce services that are provided to their Patients.

Every process has a goal, a goal: to produce something, whether material or intangible. In this sense we can say that these companies produce a health service, which can be classified basically into two types:

A) Services related to benefits that require hospitalization of patients : these services are all those that are provided in the sanatorium area, such as hospitalization, either in common or specialized rooms, and major or minor surgery .

B) Services that are provided without requiring hospitalization: among these services we have ambulatory care, polyclinic consultations and care in emergency doors among others.

He swam 92 kilometers for 20 hours to help women with AIDS

11This Sunday, the Spanish Christian Jongeneel has become the first non-American swimmer to manage to give two uninterrupted laps to the island of Manhattan.

After 20 hours of swimming and resisting without a neoprene suit a temperature of around 18 degrees, the Málaga sportsman traveled the 92 kilometers of route for a solidarity cause.


11© Provided by THX Media SA The tour was accompanied by two kayaks, for your safety (Courtesy Europa Press)

The objective was to raise funds for the Vicente Ferrer Foundation (FVF) and to allocate them  to the Nutrition Program for women with HIV / AIDS,  which aims to contribute to improving the risk situation of women in rural areas of Anantapur, India. The money was collected through the site  Migranodearena.

The challenge of nothing around the island of Manhattan had already been achieved by  Stacy Chattan (1984), Juline Ridge (1983) and Skip Storch (2007) , all Americans.

This feat is not the first for Jongeneel , who has already faced the crossings in the  Strait of Gibraltar , the English Channel , the Cook Strait (New Zealand), the Al Assad crossing of Syria, the Channel of Santa Catalina , The Gateway of India (Mumbai) , Peniche-Islas Berlengas (Portugal) and the Menorca Channel, among others. Visit here seakayakermag.com for more information.

Ovarian Cancer Screening – Women’s OBGyn

The purpose of the review is early diagnosis and treatment. Screening tests are usually given to people with no current symptoms but who may be at high risk for certain diseases or conditions.

Screening tests are designed to detect patients with early cancer or patients who are at high risk. When you are going to have a screening procedure, be sure to tell the person who will review it if you have any high risk factors, especially a family history.

Pelvic Exam – Your annual review includes a Pap smear for cervical cancer and a pelvic exam for other female disorders, including ovarian cancer. If you have a history of breast cancer or a mother or sister with ovarian cancer, make sure your health care professional is aware of your increased risk. If he can not perform a pelvic exam satisfactorily (due to his weight, anatomy, or discomfort), it may be worth an ultrasound.

Ultrasound – This procedure is not recommended as a routine review exam but could be used as the next step if you are at high risk for ovarian cancer.

Blood tests – CA-125 is a substance found in high levels in many women with ovarian cancer.However, it is also elevated in women without cancer and is not elevated in all women who have ovarian cancer, so it is not a very good test to check on all women. Your health care professional may order this test if you are at high risk for ovarian cancer. Because there may be an association between breast cancer and ovarian cancer, your doctor may also recommend screening for genetic predisposition to breast cancer.

Because of the low rate of early diagnosis, much research is under way to identify a review exam that meets the requirements for ease, safety, cost, and accuracy. Until then, undergo a pelvic exam annually, and ask your doctor if you have any risk factors that could require an ultrasound. Currently, most insurers will not cover ovarian cancer screening exams, including a periodic level of CA-125 or a transvaginal ultrasound. You may have to pay for this yourself or rely on reporting any new symptoms to your obgyn in fairfax as soon as possible to perform these tests.

Can laser hair removal spread to venereal infection?

Venereal diseases or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are always a taboo subject. It should be known that these diseases are a contraindication for laser hair removal especially the recess and the perineal area, anus, buttocks, groin and lower abdomen. Laser hair removal should be performed only by health professionals to avoid complications by phototherapy, but one of the most important points is that it can not happen, as we have seen in several cases, that a patient receives laser treatment by professional staff Poorly trained, or by non-professional personnel, such as cosmetologists, or students of nursing or kinesiology, and who has not made the diagnosis of an STD. This is a gravisimo error, for several medicolegal reasons, but the most important is not to make a diagnosis in time, So that the patient or patient receives an adequate study and treatment, in addition to the possibility of avoiding infection by the patient who is a carrier. A serious example is the case of the papilloma virus and condylomas, which are warts-like lesions, and whose exposure to the laser or ipl predisposes the smoke from the epilation to the person who performs the laser hair removal melbourne or with IPL.

At this point it is important to keep in mind that when you go to a depilation center attended by professionals, you make sure that the hygiene measures required by SEREMI with international agencies, which regulate the use of photoepilation, are taken to avoid Contagious diseases. Health personnel attending laser depilation centers or IPL technique should wear gloves, face masks, And goggles for protection not only of the laser light but also for protection against these diseases.

Some of the venereal diseases are: 1) Sifilis.
2) Condilomas for Papilloma Virus.
3) HIV (AIDS).
4) Molluscum contagiosum (Poxvirus).
6) Gonorrhea.
7) Ptirus pubis.

Natural SEO: A Need for Healthcare Businesses

The explosion of digital has made possible the emergence of the web, which has become, in the space of a decade, an essential place of communication for companies. All targets are present and competitors are increasingly aware of the Internet’s own communication and marketing techniques. Among them is the issue of SEO, an indispensable tool for the visibility of companies on the web. If your company is not present on the front pages of Google, you are very unlikely to be spotted by prospects, particularly in the healthcare field where there are many niche markets, you can check best seo brisbane and then Focus.


Step by Step: Choosing the Domain Name …

When creating the website and choosing your domain name, you have two options:

  • Use an expression that takes up the title of your profession

For example, medicamentsmoinschers.com or analytiqueimagerienumerique.fr. This technique, better known as the ” exact match domain ” (EMD), was commonplace at the beginning of the internet since the domain name offered a strong bonus in referencing the website in question. Today, search engines have very effective tools to prevent this type of phishing (SPAM) that bypasses the ethics of the Internet. This has the effect of being blacklisted by Google and disappearing from its pages.


  • Rely on the brand name for its domain name.

This allows you to recognize yourself as an official site and to benefit from a certain bonus in search engine optimization (SEO ) when your brand is mentioned on other pages. If the spelling of your trademark may be subject to errors on the part of the visitors, do not hesitate to reserve domain names close to yours and redirect them to your official site, like Adidas who has Bought Addidas.com to redirect it to the site Adidas.fr.



… the grip of SEO, a puzzle for many …

Concretely, SEO is about knowing where on the pages of the search engines your website appears. Depending on the keywords the user is going to type in the search bar, the more they appear in the pages of your site, the more likely it will appear in the first pages of Google. Therefore, if you are working in the communications or health (or health communication!) Sector, it would be wise to repeat, without being overly, the words “communication” and “health” Inside the pages of your website. Example: by typing “animal health laboratory”, the first results are displayed as follows:

  • MSD Animal Health
  • Laboratory CEVA
  • SIMV Laboratory

You can therefore deduce (and you can check for yourself) that the words “laboratory”, “health” and “animal” are strongly present in these websites.

Search Engine Optimization

This is how the search engines proceed in order to clean up their database of fraudsters and pirated sites. The more you create your own content by including the keywords that you consider most important to describe your activity (eg massage, care, recovery, baths, tranquility for a wellness institute), the more you go back in the pages And the more likely the user is to see your business first than your competitors.


If bringing textual content is vital to improve its SEO, Google’s algorithms are increasingly taking images and videos into account. The motion design (a barbarian synonymous for video) has several qualities: it synthesizes brief and concise information that the reader has less and less time to read; It brings an entertaining side; Finally, it occupies a much more important place than the text and will therefore attract the eye of the surfer, thus arousing his curiosity and urging him to stay on the page. Hence the importance of varying the type of content that will come to feed your website in order to improve your reputation in the eyes of Google and make your communication more efficient.


… what keywords to optimize on our site?

As for the health market, it is important to think what the prospect will type as a keyword and not think in its own terms. The prospect is likely to think differently of a product or service. So you have to use your words in the language your company uses and specialist in digital marketing. Hence the need for an outside eye to better understand what people are typing and how, with their words, they qualify their needs. Thus, it is likely that a prospect qualifies as a marketing agency what is actually a communication agency, and vice versa. It is therefore necessary to take care of including elements relating to marketing on its website so as not to miss a briefing proposed by a client who nevertheless initially wanted to contact a communication agency.

health of mineral iron pans with detachable handle

We present one of the latest additions to the catalog of iron pans of Buyer. The detachable handle functions as a heat dissipator towards the hand, allowing the body of the pan to be directly used and served in the mega , using it as if it were a casserole and considerably reducing the storage space.

The mineral iron frying pans from Buyer , a French company with international projection,   are one of the options most demanded by our customers for the great value for money. These types of pans are being re-imposed on the market due to their durability, healthiness and a kind of return to the past given that it is a new material, but with solid foundation in the same iron that used the generation of our grandparents.

De Buyer B mineral iron pans come factory with a beeswax cover that allows the storage of iron with all its properties for you to receive as a fresh start from the factory. When you have the pan in your hands, it may appear that there are scratches, but do not worry, with the first cure of the product you will see that they disappear.


The differential of Buyer’s pans

The question is: What is so special about these frying pans over other options? The subject can be summarized as follows: With a purchase of a mineral iron skillet De Buyer you must commit to take care of your skillet and keep it always clean, cured and with a layer of oil or grease to prevent its corrosion. You should also know that the antiadherence is created naturally, with the prolonged use of the pan.

At first, you will need to supplement this lack of antiadherence with a little more oil than normal. But at this moment you will have realized that you have in your hands a unique product that will keep you the illusion of your purchase.

Buyer Pans with natural non-adherence without teflon or chemical components

This little effort and waiting for the full anti-adhesion will be fully rewarded when you see that you have a sturdy, durable instrument for oven and any kind of cooking (including induction), healthy since it does not carry any chemical in Its manufacture and whose antiadherencia will be total.

When you use it you will see that the frying pan is getting darker and darker. This is the sign that our product is maturing, that the metal is making the best of itself to create that super layer of antiadherence comparable to any nonstick pan on the market and without using any chemical element!


Anyway, and as part of the care we have to give these unique pans, when they become very dark, we must purge. A purge is to pour a handful of coarse salt into our frying pan and heat it directly for about 10-15 minutes. You will see how the salt absorbs all the impurities and residues of our frying pan and this will be ready again to continue and continue giving the best in your kitchen.

Introducing the modern version of Buyer’s mineral iron pans

You can enjoy your new mineral iron skillet De Buyer in a new format: With the cast iron skillet handle cover, handle detachable and maintaining all properties of the frying pan of a lifetime

This detachable handle will not only make the iron pan lighter and therefore easier to handle. It will also serve you so you can serve the food directly on the table or store / store it without taking up so much space

Some of our customers who use the Buyer’s pan for extended periods of time wear the neoprene hand guard to avoid exposing the hand to high temperatures.


Well, with the new De Buyer detachable handle pan you will have a handle of Bakelite and stainless steel that besides protecting your hand from the heat will give you a maneuverability and adherence in the handling of the frying pan.

The detachable handle also makes it easy to store. The body of the frying pan you can use it as a casserole in the oven and also to serve food on the table.

Patients at the Cancer Hospital celebrate life

A festive atmosphere was breathed yesterday, Tuesday, at the Cancer Hospital in Río Piedras, where the Celebrating Life event was held, organized by the Committee of Patients and Friends of this hospital.

The Christmas music of the group Plena to the world was heard from the entrance of the hospital and the smiles reigned among the patients, visitors and medical personnel, who saw interrupted their daily routine with this activity that brought joy to those who day by day battle against cancer.

Myrna Torres, chairwoman of the Committee of Patients and Friends of the Cancer Hospital, explained that this event had the purpose of “celebrating the lives” of a dozen patients who recently celebrated their birthday and whose greatest gift has been to know that they are cancer free.

“Those who are celebrating life is something wonderful for us and today we celebrate their birthdays and life. We are here to support and to help all those patients who have a need and can not cover it. Many times the patient here puts his hand in his pocket to help others, “said Torres.

One that kept dancing and celebrating was Enery Ortiz, who turned 50 and survived four years of gastric cancer. It was she who had the idea to carry out this event.

“I’m happy, happy and I never thought I’d say ‘I turned 50 good!’ But there is happiness, there is a positive attitude to celebrate life that is what we want to carry, the message that no matter what situation you are in, celebrate, look for happiness, look for the essence of things, “said the birthday girl, Who said that in Oncology “they gave me life”.

The celebration was joined by Puerto Rican artist Antonio Martorell, who attended to share a little time with Enery, as well as with other patients who also celebrated music, typical food, cake and birthday photo booth.

“I feel very identified because in Puerto Rico we are all survivors, but they are more survivors than us because they have had to battle with all the evils that afflict us as peoples and on top of that, the evil that afflicts them individually.

They are brave people, brave people who face life and I think that people deserve recognition, be with them even if occasionally, but in spirit always, “shared the renowned artist.

Another one that did not hide his joy was Marisel Brignoni, that fulfills this month 39 years of age and five months cancer-free. When diagnosed with multiple myeloma, Brignoni knew she would go forward, but it was the support and encouragement of the Oncology Patient and Friends Committee, which helped her pass the treatment much faster.

“This birthday for me represents everything. It’s like someone told me not to be in a hurry (in life) is to have urgency, urgency to be able to live it to the maximum and intensely for you and for others, “concluded the young woman, while moving her hips to the rhythm of Christmas music, Celebrating being alive.

University School of Administration and Business titled new professionals for support organization for children with HIV

In a solemn ceremony held on Friday, October 2, 68 new graduates graduated from the University of Administration and Business School, ESUN, at the University of Tarapacá, which was chaired by the academic vice-rector, Dr. Carlos Leiva Sajuria, And the dean of the school, Mg. Luis Mella Salinas.

Picture foto_00000001 Picture foto_00000002
The new professionals correspond to the courses of Commercial Engineering, Engineering in Information Systems and Control of Management, bookkeeper and Accountant Auditor-Public Accountant.

In his farewell address, the dean of ESUN emphasized the value and importance of the ethical component to be successful in his professional development. In part of his speech he said: “Your work, which today is titled, has been a work with dedication, effort, sacrifice, sorrows and joys, and the goal meritoriously achieved today is the reflection of a sense of accomplishment that the Accompanied during all this time “.

“If you have been able to reach this moment, you can achieve any other objective that you propose. It is only a matter of wanting and working for it as you did in this one. case”.

Then, in the first place, they received the University’s insignia and their diplomas, the best students of the school, a distinction that corresponded to Catherine Hernández Farías, of the Commercial Engineering degree; Mauricio Bravo Sotomayor, Andrés López López and Camilo Hodgson Cruz, of the career of Engineering in Information System and Management Control; And Lisset Blanco Huanca, from the career of Accountant Auditor-Public Accountant.

The ceremony was held at Cine Tacora, in the presence of ESUN directors and professors, and a large number of relatives of the graduates.

The event was enlivened by the UTA Choir, which closed the ceremony with the traditional and emotional Song of Goodbye, as new professionals left the venue.


Picture foto_00000003
Raúl Tudela, at age 66, was a commercial engineer.
Representing the new professionals, the commercial engineer Raul Tudela Mondaca, 66, retired in the Banco del Estado after working for 45 years, where he held positions in Santiago, Copiapó, Calama, Easter Island, Arica and retired as regional deputy manager in Antofagasta. Also for a year he was in charge of the bank’s office in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At the same time, he studied and practiced teaching at several universities, including the University of Tarapacá. In 2002, he received the title of engineer in Business Administration, mention in Finance and Audit, at the Technological University of Chile, Inacap; In 2003 he obtained a master’s degree in Business General Management (MBA) from the Spanish Business University of Lleida; And some years ago he resumed his studies of Commercial Engineering in the UTA, which he crowned with his degree in this act and where with heartfelt words he thanked the support of his family, the opportunity given by the University, along with highlighting the value of the study and the Responsibility to face challenges in all fields of human endeavor.

In several cities during his career as a State Bank official he was a member and director of the Lions Club and the Rotary Club. In Calama, he also created the United for Life Partnership, a non-profit philanthropic support organization for children with HIV, an active foundation to date.

US firearms: a cultural cancer

My country, a singular example, is the only nation to experience massacres regular people at the hands of murderers with guns automatic. When the families of the victims unite to urge lawmakers to ban the sale of such weapons, other citizens stand up angrily to defend “our rights to the Second Amendment. The Amendment says: “A well-regulated militia for the security of a free state is necessary, the people’s right to bear arms will not be infringed.”

The arguments of the Second Amendment about having regulated militias, which we do not have, are used as arguments for fear. Hunters are not threatened by gun control laws because they do not use assault rifles or submachine guns – or at least they should not use them if Bambi is going to have a chance and hunting is really a sport.

However, my ex-neighbor, who is not a member of any militia or hunter, boasted to me that he had 25 guns in his apartment.

“Do they make you feel more secure?” I asked.

“Of course,” he replied.

“How is that? You can not shoot more than two at the same time. ”

“Firearms give you the feeling that no one is going to mess with you.”

“Guns make me feel stupid,” I replied. “You can not discuss anything with them. One shoots or pretends to shoot. And the other can shoot you. ”

The discussion ended. My neighbor, like millions of fellow citizens, was frightened and the guns made him feel more secure, as does the owners of firearms throughout the country who spend time cleaning and polishing their weapons and their manhood.

The arguments of those in favor of arms refer to the fear of unknown intruders who would enter their home and steal, or other disquieting characters that would harm them were it not for their possession of lethal weapons.

In other words, judging from the public testimony of many on this subject, Americans are afraid, they are full of worries about those they do not know and the assumptions that “out there many armed people would hurt them if it were not For the protection offered by firearms,

If having the right to possess these protective weapons also means that crazy killers too, can acquire weapons of was, so be it.

The police, of course, do not provide sufficient or timely protection against the unknown potential assailants we see on TV or read in the news.

wikiprofessional.org reported that we have had “130 school shootings since Columbine whose results have been at least one student or school official dead or injured.” The police arrived after the shooting.

Ironically, many police chiefs want control of firearms, because they think that limiting access to arms would reduce the possibility of massacres such as we have had in various parts of the country. Many important police officers advocate serious controls on the sale of arms. But, say some to the left and to the right, that such governmental control would allow the oppressive state that commits murders around the world (in the name of freedom and democracy, of course) to possess a monopoly over arms in the United States, Same identity that tried to use the control of armament to disarm the Black Panthers and other groups of left and that assassinated to one of its leaders (Fred Hampton).

Powerful NRAs and old-style gun lovers see gun control as a concession to the liberal-radical ñoños. They demand unlimited access to all types of firearms to “protect our families.” Ironically, most gun deaths occur within families owning weapons when wives kill husbands or kill wives, or when one of the two uses a weapon to commit suicide or allows a child to find and Use one against a parent, a sibling, or other children.

Firearms are tantamount to a cultural cancer in American society, a disease almost incurable, although it is a disease fomented by the makers of weapons, the NRA and the combined TV-Hollywood.

In one of his last arguments of sale in favor of the violence with firearm. “The Gangster Squad” (well-known actors Sean Penn, Nick Nolte, Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin) unite to defend the idea that the police use the violence with weapon – without identifying itself like police – like the unique way of Attack organized crime. Indeed, the entertainment formula routinely uses gun violence as the ideal (if not the only) method for settling disputes.

The children are shooting with toy weapons when they play cops and thieves or cowboys and Indians, and wait for the day when as teenagers they can own real weapons.

The hunting club as a sport agrees on the value of the rifles as a vital means to destroy Bambi and other similar creatures that have not harmed them. As a student I went hunting for deer in the woods of Wisconsin and I watched with horror as a group of drunken hunters opened fire on a supposed movement in the undergrowth. No one saw whether it was a cow, a human or a deer. They just fired at where the apparent movement had occurred. Luckily, they only made white in shrubs and trees.

Friends who have gone to hunt ducks wait for the winged creature to fly over the swamp and then open fire with shotguns, waiting for the birds to fall for only one shot and not be shattered or stuffed with metal – an uncomfortable meal. Ducks do not have weapons with which to respond or defend themselves. What sport!

The president has proposed background instigations for all sales of firearms, and prohibiting any assault weapon or military type to large-capacity porters.

Timothy McVeigh, a Christian and Army veteran, had been approved to buy weapons, but he did not use to blow up the Oklahoma City federal building. The issue of guns goes beyond the legislative capacity of the United States. It must reform an old and established culture of arms and death, a culture that the president helps to shape every time he sends a drone killer to kill another person in an unprocessed country. Obama could honestly admit, “I will not change the culture of the United States, and in truth, we are the arms.”

Cancer & Aids: yoga can help

It may be your own case, a family member or someone in your environment. But who does not know today what it is and what it means this cruel disease? Who has not lost someone even …


You know I’m a teacher of yoga and I believe greatly in their physical and mental benefits, but now have one more to tell you : it is a great therapeutic tool to help and accompany the process of cancer survivors.

I discovered this practice recently thanks to Zentro Urban Yoga , where Amy Dara, a great expert in this discipline , provides training to teachers.I talked with her two weeks ago to write an article on this topic. Here we summarize what Amy told me, why he uses the word “Survivor”, how is this type of yoga and how it can help those who are going through this very tough time.


Why this word? It’s the first thing I asked Amy Dara, an expert who has spent six years teaching training in the United States and Europe. “The word survivor or survivor is applied to living people diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment or have already passed , ” I said.

Amy, who lives and teaches yoga in Washington (also in a hospital),became interested in this subject through cancer survivors who came to their own classes and they obviously had special needs who knew attend.Dara was formed with Tari Prinster, another teacher to helping and, after overcoming breast cancer, developed the program “Yoga for Cancer Survivors” .


Benefits at all stages

As he explained Amy, yoga gears can be practiced at all stages of the disease but, ” every survivor has a treatment designed for your own type of cancer : one only need surgery, others require treatment forever, and most need some of each and you will have to inspections and tests performed periodically.

But as Dara says, “any cancer patient can improve both your physical and emotional state throughout practicing yoga disease”. These benefits, backed by studies extend to the quality of sleep, fatigue and anxiety generated by this disease, and help reduce medication intake. Amy the details at each stage of the process:

Diagnosis. “The practice of yoga helps prepare the body (strengthening muscles and bones, improve flexibility and balance) and mind (overcome the trauma of being diagnosed and the fear of uncertainty) for treatments.”

Surgery . “Improving the immune system by moving the lymph through the body, it reduces the risk of blood clots and helps proper healing of the surgical site.


Chemotherapy / immunotherapy .”Relieves fatigue, improves concentration, calms stomach upset and increase self – esteem after hair loss.” This last point seems to me very important, because I know, for someone very dear and close, how it affected and worried this issue …

Radiotherapy . ” It reduces the risk of limited movement in areas affected by burns and relieves the discomfort of being in the same position for a prolonged time the radiotherapy machine range.”

Hormonal therapy . ” It balances the fluctuations of mood, helps prevent weight gain and to manage hot flashes.”

End of treatment . At this stage yoga “helps restore normalcy in the body and mind, to reduce the risk of depression after being left alone after so long with the health care team and caregivers, and to prevent and control the side effects of long term treatments. ”

Tests for detecting cancer . In these cases, according to Amy, yoga can help a lot to relieve anxiety.

But also stressed Amy me that “at each stage of yoga improves mood and empowers the survivor to care”. In addition, ” the classes also serve to benefit from the support and inspiration of the other survivors , ” he says. And I sincerely believe that doing some gentle exercise, guided and therapeutic with others who are going through or have gone through the same as you, with whom not have to worry about your looks or your emotional state, it can be very rewarding and beneficial .

But can any cancer patient practice yoga? As Amy says, yes, because “practice can be adapted to the unique needs of each person at each stage of treatment.”


How are classes

Yoga sessions for cancer last between 60 and 75 minutes. ” It is a combination of Hatha, Vinyasa and restoration ; a combination of postures, breathing techniques and meditation “is practiced. “And always so adapted to the needs of students , ” he says.

The benefits of this discipline are countless survivors of cancer, but there are also contraindications and positions that should never be done , “the positions of forward lean and strong torque to avoid the risk of vertebral fractures, because many cancer treatments they have as a side effect the early onset of osteoporosis. ”

” We also postures that put the weight for a long time in the arms should be avoided in case the cancer is located in the upper body for example facing dog posture and down, or feet in the case of the disease has affected the bottom, because they increase the risk of lymphedema , “he stresses. It said, it seems you can not teach a lot in yoga classes for cancer , but Amy says that there are many options. And indeed, yoga includes various positions and breathing practices and relaxation that can be used.


Undo myths

As he spoke with Amy, there are many myths surrounding the practice of yoga for a cancer process . In fact, that unfortunately are familiar with the subject know that what virtually all patients do when they are in treatment is simply rest, afraid to move , and much more to exercise.

But Amy says even that the practice of yoga does not have to be soft:“Many people tell cancer survivors to rest , when most want – can -move and exercise to calm your mind.”

“The important thing is that they know the medical precautions to take to avoid complications such as lymphedema, and not feel pressured to do more than they are capable of, ” he says. ” A certified yoga teacher to teach yoga for cancer can show them how to adapt practice at every stage , ” he says. This last point is important: practicing yoga or any other physical activity for cancer should be done with someone skilled and adapted form. Not just any yoga class or activity, albeit mild.

Lively Up Yourself!

Despite its benefits, yet few cancer patients in Spain dare to practice yoga, especially for lack of information. If this post has encouraged you to do, Amy recommends ” go without expectations and be open to what happens, you’re with other people who understand what you’re going through .” One last tip of Amy: “Before you begin, introduce yourself and talk to the teacher about your type of cancer.”

Where to go. In Zentro Urban Yoga  you can do a course or take lessons.In the Spanish Association Against Cancer you can also find workshops and yoga teachers even cancer. In the MD Anderson Center they offer yoga classes for cancer patients.

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AIDS is the worst epidemic humankind has ever faced. The virus infects 14,000 people every day, leaving millions of people suffering and having a devastating effect on the world's most vulnerable:

  More than 14 million children worldwide have been orphaned because of AIDS. That's the equivalent of every child under five in America with no one to watch over them.

•  Nearly six million children have been killed by AIDS. That number is more than every child in every grade school and high school in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, Miami and Atlanta combined.

But, there is cause for hope. Three important catalysts are spurring a strong world response to this epidemic. Political leaders in many countries are increasing their support to AIDS efforts. More resources in the global community are being applied to areas struggling with the virus. And, medicines improve every year, allowing many to survive with the disease and inhibiting new infections.

Your contributions help the organizations that ensure these efforts continue, with the end goal of wiping out the disease entirely: the UN created the Joint United Nations Program on AIDS (UNAIDS), which is dedicated to advocacy for global action on the epidemic and the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. Since January 2002, The Global Fund has mobilized, managed and distributed funds to help fight this epidemic.

You can be a huge part of the global solution. Make a difference. Please help.

The Global Impact View the PSA

Recent HIV/AIDS News

Puget Sound Global AIDS Action Coalition takes Action in Washington State

Monday, December 1, 2003
Apathy and the AIDS Epidemic 
By Julie L. Gerberding
Monday, December 1, 2003
W.H.O. Aims to Treat 3 Million for AIDS 
New York Times
Tuesday, June 03, 2003
Global Fund Signs $13.6 Million Agreement With Chile 
At a ceremony in Santiago yesterday, Chilean President Ricardo Lagos signed a $13.6 million, two-year grant agreement with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria aimed at stemming the spread of HIV in Chile and improving the lives of AIDS patients.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003
AIDS Orphans And Guardians Receive UNICEF Help 
A joint program of UNICEF and the aid group HelpAge International will bring money and support to Mozambican AIDS orphans and the elderly guardians who take care of them.

Thursday, May 22, 2003
Top Russian Official Says One In 25 Could Have HIV In Five Years 
The top Russian government HIV/AIDS expert, Vadim Pokrovsky of the Russian Center for AIDS Prevention and Treatment, said in a new report yesterday that at least 500,000 Russians have HIV and that as many as 1.5 million of the country's 147 million people may be infected.

Thursday, April 10, 2003
Ethiopian Population To Rise Dramatically; More 
A new study warns that the number of Ethiopian children orphaned by AIDS is steadily growing and will probably reach 2.2 million by 2010, Xinhua News Agency reported yesterday.

Thursday, April 03, 2003
Aid Workers Warn Of "New Variant Famine" For Generations 
Aid workers say the number of people in need of food aid in Africa today is likely to remain the same or rise further in years to come as a combination of woes ranging from social breakdown because of AIDS deaths to erratic weather reduces the ability of African populations to sustain themselves.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003
Trafficked Orphans Face Slavelike Conditions, NGO Says 
Many West African children whose parents have died of AIDS are trafficked and forced to work in conditions akin to slavery, Human Rights Watch said today in a new report. The rights group called on countries in the region and on international organizations to do more to fight the problem.

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