health of mineral iron pans with detachable handle

We present one of the latest additions to the catalog of iron pans of Buyer. The detachable handle functions as a heat dissipator towards the hand, allowing the body of the pan to be directly used and served in the mega , using it as if it were a casserole and considerably reducing the storage space.

The mineral iron frying pans from Buyer , a French company with international projection,   are one of the options most demanded by our customers for the great value for money. These types of pans are being re-imposed on the market due to their durability, healthiness and a kind of return to the past given that it is a new material, but with solid foundation in the same iron that used the generation of our grandparents.

De Buyer B mineral iron pans come factory with a beeswax cover that allows the storage of iron with all its properties for you to receive as a fresh start from the factory. When you have the pan in your hands, it may appear that there are scratches, but do not worry, with the first cure of the product you will see that they disappear.


The differential of Buyer’s pans

The question is: What is so special about these frying pans over other options? The subject can be summarized as follows: With a purchase of a mineral iron skillet De Buyer you must commit to take care of your skillet and keep it always clean, cured and with a layer of oil or grease to prevent its corrosion. You should also know that the antiadherence is created naturally, with the prolonged use of the pan.

At first, you will need to supplement this lack of antiadherence with a little more oil than normal. But at this moment you will have realized that you have in your hands a unique product that will keep you the illusion of your purchase.

Buyer Pans with natural non-adherence without teflon or chemical components

This little effort and waiting for the full anti-adhesion will be fully rewarded when you see that you have a sturdy, durable instrument for oven and any kind of cooking (including induction), healthy since it does not carry any chemical in Its manufacture and whose antiadherencia will be total.

When you use it you will see that the frying pan is getting darker and darker. This is the sign that our product is maturing, that the metal is making the best of itself to create that super layer of antiadherence comparable to any nonstick pan on the market and without using any chemical element!


Anyway, and as part of the care we have to give these unique pans, when they become very dark, we must purge. A purge is to pour a handful of coarse salt into our frying pan and heat it directly for about 10-15 minutes. You will see how the salt absorbs all the impurities and residues of our frying pan and this will be ready again to continue and continue giving the best in your kitchen.

Introducing the modern version of Buyer’s mineral iron pans

You can enjoy your new mineral iron skillet De Buyer in a new format: With the cast iron skillet handle cover, handle detachable and maintaining all properties of the frying pan of a lifetime

This detachable handle will not only make the iron pan lighter and therefore easier to handle. It will also serve you so you can serve the food directly on the table or store / store it without taking up so much space

Some of our customers who use the Buyer’s pan for extended periods of time wear the neoprene hand guard to avoid exposing the hand to high temperatures.


Well, with the new De Buyer detachable handle pan you will have a handle of Bakelite and stainless steel that besides protecting your hand from the heat will give you a maneuverability and adherence in the handling of the frying pan.

The detachable handle also makes it easy to store. The body of the frying pan you can use it as a casserole in the oven and also to serve food on the table.

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