Natural SEO: A Need for Healthcare Businesses

The explosion of digital has made possible the emergence of the web, which has become, in the space of a decade, an essential place of communication for companies. All targets are present and competitors are increasingly aware of the Internet’s own communication and marketing techniques. Among them is the issue of SEO, an indispensable tool for the visibility of companies on the web. If your company is not present on the front pages of Google, you are very unlikely to be spotted by prospects, particularly in the healthcare field where there are many niche markets, you can check best seo brisbane and then Focus.


Step by Step: Choosing the Domain Name …

When creating the website and choosing your domain name, you have two options:

  • Use an expression that takes up the title of your profession

For example, medicamentsmoinschers.com or analytiqueimagerienumerique.fr. This technique, better known as the ” exact match domain ” (EMD), was commonplace at the beginning of the internet since the domain name offered a strong bonus in referencing the website in question. Today, search engines have very effective tools to prevent this type of phishing (SPAM) that bypasses the ethics of the Internet. This has the effect of being blacklisted by Google and disappearing from its pages.


  • Rely on the brand name for its domain name.

This allows you to recognize yourself as an official site and to benefit from a certain bonus in search engine optimization (SEO ) when your brand is mentioned on other pages. If the spelling of your trademark may be subject to errors on the part of the visitors, do not hesitate to reserve domain names close to yours and redirect them to your official site, like Adidas who has Bought Addidas.com to redirect it to the site Adidas.fr.



… the grip of SEO, a puzzle for many …

Concretely, SEO is about knowing where on the pages of the search engines your website appears. Depending on the keywords the user is going to type in the search bar, the more they appear in the pages of your site, the more likely it will appear in the first pages of Google. Therefore, if you are working in the communications or health (or health communication!) Sector, it would be wise to repeat, without being overly, the words “communication” and “health” Inside the pages of your website. Example: by typing “animal health laboratory”, the first results are displayed as follows:

  • MSD Animal Health
  • Laboratory CEVA
  • SIMV Laboratory

You can therefore deduce (and you can check for yourself) that the words “laboratory”, “health” and “animal” are strongly present in these websites.

Search Engine Optimization

This is how the search engines proceed in order to clean up their database of fraudsters and pirated sites. The more you create your own content by including the keywords that you consider most important to describe your activity (eg massage, care, recovery, baths, tranquility for a wellness institute), the more you go back in the pages And the more likely the user is to see your business first than your competitors.


If bringing textual content is vital to improve its SEO, Google’s algorithms are increasingly taking images and videos into account. The motion design (a barbarian synonymous for video) has several qualities: it synthesizes brief and concise information that the reader has less and less time to read; It brings an entertaining side; Finally, it occupies a much more important place than the text and will therefore attract the eye of the surfer, thus arousing his curiosity and urging him to stay on the page. Hence the importance of varying the type of content that will come to feed your website in order to improve your reputation in the eyes of Google and make your communication more efficient.


… what keywords to optimize on our site?

As for the health market, it is important to think what the prospect will type as a keyword and not think in its own terms. The prospect is likely to think differently of a product or service. So you have to use your words in the language your company uses and specialist in digital marketing. Hence the need for an outside eye to better understand what people are typing and how, with their words, they qualify their needs. Thus, it is likely that a prospect qualifies as a marketing agency what is actually a communication agency, and vice versa. It is therefore necessary to take care of including elements relating to marketing on its website so as not to miss a briefing proposed by a client who nevertheless initially wanted to contact a communication agency.

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