Patients at the Cancer Hospital celebrate life

A festive atmosphere was breathed yesterday, Tuesday, at the Cancer Hospital in Río Piedras, where the Celebrating Life event was held, organized by the Committee of Patients and Friends of this hospital.

The Christmas music of the group Plena to the world was heard from the entrance of the hospital and the smiles reigned among the patients, visitors and medical personnel, who saw interrupted their daily routine with this activity that brought joy to those who day by day battle against cancer.

Myrna Torres, chairwoman of the Committee of Patients and Friends of the Cancer Hospital, explained that this event had the purpose of “celebrating the lives” of a dozen patients who recently celebrated their birthday and whose greatest gift has been to know that they are cancer free.

“Those who are celebrating life is something wonderful for us and today we celebrate their birthdays and life. We are here to support and to help all those patients who have a need and can not cover it. Many times the patient here puts his hand in his pocket to help others, “said Torres.

One that kept dancing and celebrating was Enery Ortiz, who turned 50 and survived four years of gastric cancer. It was she who had the idea to carry out this event.

“I’m happy, happy and I never thought I’d say ‘I turned 50 good!’ But there is happiness, there is a positive attitude to celebrate life that is what we want to carry, the message that no matter what situation you are in, celebrate, look for happiness, look for the essence of things, “said the birthday girl, Who said that in Oncology “they gave me life”.

The celebration was joined by Puerto Rican artist Antonio Martorell, who attended to share a little time with Enery, as well as with other patients who also celebrated music, typical food, cake and birthday photo booth.

“I feel very identified because in Puerto Rico we are all survivors, but they are more survivors than us because they have had to battle with all the evils that afflict us as peoples and on top of that, the evil that afflicts them individually.

They are brave people, brave people who face life and I think that people deserve recognition, be with them even if occasionally, but in spirit always, “shared the renowned artist.

Another one that did not hide his joy was Marisel Brignoni, that fulfills this month 39 years of age and five months cancer-free. When diagnosed with multiple myeloma, Brignoni knew she would go forward, but it was the support and encouragement of the Oncology Patient and Friends Committee, which helped her pass the treatment much faster.

“This birthday for me represents everything. It’s like someone told me not to be in a hurry (in life) is to have urgency, urgency to be able to live it to the maximum and intensely for you and for others, “concluded the young woman, while moving her hips to the rhythm of Christmas music, Celebrating being alive.

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