University School of Administration and Business titled new professionals for support organization for children with HIV

In a solemn ceremony held on Friday, October 2, 68 new graduates graduated from the University of Administration and Business School, ESUN, at the University of Tarapacá, which was chaired by the academic vice-rector, Dr. Carlos Leiva Sajuria, And the dean of the school, Mg. Luis Mella Salinas.

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The new professionals correspond to the courses of Commercial Engineering, Engineering in Information Systems and Control of Management, bookkeeper and Accountant Auditor-Public Accountant.

In his farewell address, the dean of ESUN emphasized the value and importance of the ethical component to be successful in his professional development. In part of his speech he said: “Your work, which today is titled, has been a work with dedication, effort, sacrifice, sorrows and joys, and the goal meritoriously achieved today is the reflection of a sense of accomplishment that the Accompanied during all this time “.

“If you have been able to reach this moment, you can achieve any other objective that you propose. It is only a matter of wanting and working for it as you did in this one. case”.

Then, in the first place, they received the University’s insignia and their diplomas, the best students of the school, a distinction that corresponded to Catherine Hernández Farías, of the Commercial Engineering degree; Mauricio Bravo Sotomayor, Andrés López López and Camilo Hodgson Cruz, of the career of Engineering in Information System and Management Control; And Lisset Blanco Huanca, from the career of Accountant Auditor-Public Accountant.

The ceremony was held at Cine Tacora, in the presence of ESUN directors and professors, and a large number of relatives of the graduates.

The event was enlivened by the UTA Choir, which closed the ceremony with the traditional and emotional Song of Goodbye, as new professionals left the venue.


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Raúl Tudela, at age 66, was a commercial engineer.
Representing the new professionals, the commercial engineer Raul Tudela Mondaca, 66, retired in the Banco del Estado after working for 45 years, where he held positions in Santiago, Copiapó, Calama, Easter Island, Arica and retired as regional deputy manager in Antofagasta. Also for a year he was in charge of the bank’s office in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At the same time, he studied and practiced teaching at several universities, including the University of Tarapacá. In 2002, he received the title of engineer in Business Administration, mention in Finance and Audit, at the Technological University of Chile, Inacap; In 2003 he obtained a master’s degree in Business General Management (MBA) from the Spanish Business University of Lleida; And some years ago he resumed his studies of Commercial Engineering in the UTA, which he crowned with his degree in this act and where with heartfelt words he thanked the support of his family, the opportunity given by the University, along with highlighting the value of the study and the Responsibility to face challenges in all fields of human endeavor.

In several cities during his career as a State Bank official he was a member and director of the Lions Club and the Rotary Club. In Calama, he also created the United for Life Partnership, a non-profit philanthropic support organization for children with HIV, an active foundation to date.

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